Jerry Kuska

                            f    i    n    e           a    r    t           s    c    a    n    s

               "The fine art scan is the fount from which all further possibilities are either successfully realized
              or forevermore limited." -

Providing Museum Quality Par Excellence

"Superior tools enable the skilled craftsman to even more closely approach perfection." -JK
Better Light Super 8K-HS Scanning Back
This scanning back is used in a large format 4x5 view camera and is capable of capturing images measuring 8000x10600 pixels (488mb) in its normal mode or 12000x15990 pixels (1.1gb) in its enhanced mode in a single photograph. By using other techniques, such as tiling and stitching, even larger file sizes are possible.

Whereas most digital cameras use a variety of alogarithms to make up for technological shortcomings by automatically reprocessing an image after it has been captured (interpolation, anti-moire, anti-aliasing, sharpening & compression) Better Light systems do none of this; except for interpolation when it is selectively turned on in the enhanced mode. Almost every instant capture camera records only one third of the true RGB value for every point in the scene and must interpolate every image up 300% for display or print, but since Better Light captures the true RGB data for every point in the scene in its normal mode interpolation is unnecessary. Even in enhanced mode the image is interpolated up only 150%. It should be noted that all digital images need some sharpening, which is why most manufactures provide it automatically, not trusting in the customer to apply it judiciously.

Simply stated, Better Light provides the most accurate, least reprocessed and highest information density files available in a single capture.

North Light 900w HID Copy Lights
North Light has been providing the industry with wonderful lighting solutions for decades now. These copy lights provide a full spectrum source that have low heat & UV emissions so that the color is properly represented and the work is not subjected to unnecessary radiation or heat.

Rodenstock APO Sironar Lenses
Simply the finest contemporary large format lenses available for fine art reproduction.

EquaLight by Robin Myers Imaging
All studio lighting falls off both on the set/subject AND as it passes through the lens. In most commercial photography falloff not only goes unnoticed but is often emphasized by further burning down the corners of the photograph. In fine art reproduction falloff is absolutely unacceptable. EquaLight provides a quick, simple and inexpensive solution for recording and neutralizing both types of falloff from the art work in one shot.

Color Sage powered by HP Artist Software & ColorPony by ColorYoke
Color management and workflow is the single most esoteric area of fine art reproduction because there is no such thing as a perfect match right out of the camera.  For the first time both Color Sage and ColorPony provide a Direct Spectral Workflow solution that permits the closest possible interpretation of the true color of the subject in the original capture. The degree of acceptability often permits the artist to go straight to print with no further post capture manipulations, other than resizing and sharpening. And for those who wish to fine tune the interpretation of their art both of these software packages greatly improve the efficiency of post capture processing by minimizing the time involved in those corrections.

Other Tools
Those tools mentioned above are the "workhorses" of the studio but of course each piece of work is unique and the studio has a variety of the finest tools to compliment or substitute for those mentioned above and as circumstances and necessity dictates your job will be handled accordingly.