Jerry Kuska

                            f    i    n    e           a    r    t           s    c    a    n    s

               "The fine art scan is the fount from which all further possibilities are either successfully realized
              or forevermore limited." -

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About Jerry
"What a long strange trip it's been." -Jerry Garcia
Jerry Kuska is a degreed, experienced, professional photographer, now a digital imaging specialist. Having first learned the basics of photography while in the U. S. Navy he went on to minor in photography at El Camino Community College and then major in it after transferring to the Los Angeles Art Center - College of Design where he received his BFA in photography in '76.

After working in several major advertising studios in Hollywood back in its heyday Jerry moved to Northern California and became involved in Carbon Printing. Initially he managed Archival Color Company in Felton and then opened up his own carbon lab in Santa Cruz, Limited Edition Photo/Graphics. Later he managed yet another carbon lab back in Philadelphia, Ataraxia. Along the way he has also owned a couple of galleries and taught and lectured on photography.

Most recently Jerry spent 5 years with Better Light, Inc. where he was the general sales manager representing the company to clients from around the world and at various conventions in Las Vegas, New York and Köln. While with Better Light he also taught all the demonstration and training classes for the company and shot all of the copy work that came into the studio.

Now Jerry is an independent contractor and associate of Better Light sharing their facilities in the Bay area. After a life time of working with and serving artists and others he now looks forward to serving you by providing you with the most accurate and most detailed files possible.